WE HAVE MINI GAMES! - | The Week Snaps | An Aspie Life Beginnings | 04/07/2020 | #screenshotsaturday

Hello there again! Welcome back to another <a href="https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/screenshotsaturday?__eep__=6&source=feed_text&epa=HASHTAG&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCV1eLExWqeyNPugm2k4K9Fglv8cPgvQua2PxUlg6owTpJTMxKripaJRN4-pcnMIQJL-Wc76d7hR6nILWMVlAxx-oxkoZ51iJh59hZhjYtHrVRtYWD7bzPUsnZ1BD1ymWD5a5C05B87XHRGcK1DMlwFOKd_LL0f8dCshul9lSJwRk4U2uhdDthPURZCPqeurmoKYRfL4jioMgtS19w-qCb3kza6j7rsJSH2qqH573Qj7lcqbnitPLXNKd_jArdRc0CSQmpoDT2gVT0E8PtRQKuohekDLxLfgONngDk8Nv6lqFX44CeI1d3nqzCKkMli9fApgPcJUVpeLVyIVCg6lWxqVwCsmdNYtJJU-Hmb&__tn__=%2ANK-R" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" type":104,"tn":"*n"}"="">#screenshotsaturday</a>! This week I was feeling a little burnt out. So, I decided to implement mini-games into the main game. These mini-games offer the player some downtime between events. They also help to flesh out the time period and atmosphere of the houses.

As you can see, I designed the games around the Atari 2600, given the game is set in the last 70’s, early 80’s. This was the most appropriate console to develop for. It was in fact hard to develop a game with a 2600 style. Simply down to emulating the limitations of the console. We are so use to the fact, that we can do anything. Having to think about the limitations and how that will translate into gameplay and graphics in order to make it look like an Atari game. It was a lot harder than I thought but was pretty fun to work out.

From here I am going to implement more of the story. As well as expand the mines with more levels and a boss. Turning it into the first dungeon. But yeah, progress is happening.

See ya next time!


Enderlost Studios

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