| The Week Snaps | An Aspie Life Beginnings | 15/02/2020 | #screenshotsaturday

Hello there and welcome back to another #screenshotsaturday. This week the focus has been on revamping the conversation battles Ui and input system. In preparation for the story and character text.

This new system is designed to add more flexibility and creativity for the player to experiment with all different types of inputs. These can be non-verbal, verbal and book. And these can combine together for the player to create their own messages.

The way that characters will respond to the messages will be based on what is includes inside that message. So, a contradiction will confuse a character if, for instance, the non-verbal body language is giving signs of stress and NO. While the verbal is positive and saying YES.

By next week I hope to have most of this new system completed but don’t hold me to it
See you all next week!

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