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Verbal Void is a 2D Action, BEAT ‘EM UP, RPG that explores the Autism Spectrum and Neurodiversity. It is set in a small town on an island far, away that’s fallen into disrepair and despair. It’s up to three young kids to solve a decade-long mystery and discover more about themselves in the process. Along the way, they will meet various characters, each dealing with their own little part of the world. It's up to you to solve, help and restore this town from far away.

---- ABOUT ----

Verbal Void uses a range of innovative gameplay mechanics to put you in the shoes of these young adventures. It uses a range of visual, audio, and gameplay cues, that will guide you through the world. Some of these are:

-- Conversation battles --

Talk and interact with characters through an RPG-styled battle. Where you can choose non-verbal, verbal, or books to create messages that you then ask people.

-- Meltdown battles --

Face your fears and darkest emotions, by beating up monsters that represent these feelings. In the process, defeating the negative emotions that have once ruled over you.

-- Character selection --

Play as 3 characters throughout your adventure. You can change between them at any time. Get to see how they interact with the world. How do they see it? 

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@Mebradhen - Main Creator

@Crimzzzn - Concept Artist

Removal of Green Jumpsuits - Crimzzzn


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A sample of what the music is like.
OST by Joe Watson

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