An Aspie Life 1.2 Update

Hey there, it’s been some time! 

After 2 years, An Aspie Life has received its first Major Update! 

The aim of this update is to add some polish to the game, fix bugs, and improve the overall experience. Thank you for all your great feedback over the years. I've used that feedback to work out what I’ll tackle in this update. Since the original release of the game, controls have always been an issue. The Major change is a Fully Customisable Controls layout, so you can pick and choose how you want to control the game. The Full list of changes is listed below:       

  • New - Dynamic Weather events 
  • New - Particle effects 
  • New - Game Bar Icons 
  • New - Fully Customizable Controls. 
  • New - New dynamic info pop-ups 
  • New - New Save / Load for options 
  • New - Game Updated to run on new Engine 
  • New - Frame Rate Stability (still at 30fps, but with a stable frame rate) 
  • New - Windows 11 compatibility 
  • New - Esc pauses the game 
  • New - New Intro text 
  • Edits - To Canon ending to bring inline with An Aspie Life Beginnings 
  • Edits - To Default Preset Controls 
  • Edits - Hold Sound Sensitivity Button 
  • Edits - Improved Childhood conversation 
  • Edits - To conversation battles  
  • Edits - Colour of health particles 
  • Edits - To bag pop-up 
  • Edits - To secrete ending content 
  • Edits - Reduced Overworld background white noise 
  • BUGS - Bunch of bugs fixed 

I’ve done a bunch of testing and there should be no errors, but if you do find any please let me know! 

But yes, I hope you all enjoy the game!

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Mar 19, 2022

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